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The Sacred Fire at Summer's peak

Updated: Jun 20

 The June Solstice marks an extreme point of the earths journey bowing to the sun, stoking the solar fire of Summer for longer days and shorter nights. A transfer of power towards a potent feminine force is one of the major turning points of the year. It changes the seeds planted at spring to the flowering of trees and plants covering the landscape. The energizing sun’s light, anchors us to the earth’s yearly calendar aligning our attention to the new season.

Flow with the planetary influences of the solstice, embodied by Cancer the great mother. Now’s a good time to meet current circumstances to protect or shore up households while nurturing the self with sensitivity. Focus on practical solutions where you live, support feelings and emotional needs with others especially when nostalgia or sentimentality arise. Throughout the summer use the precious gift of water in meaningful activities that feed your soul and creates an environment for emotions to have a safe haven. 

Luna’s journey into a Full Moon in Capricorn, arrives the following day of the solstice bringing in a lot of light. This accentuates our external life of career and responsibilities. Build healthy foundations and embrace a sense of leadership where confidence helps balance the oppositions; capable versus vulnerable, objectivity / subjectivity, accomplishment and inner nourishment. Being aware and having clarity benefits what is put into action for successful outcomes to obtain your goals. If things don’t work out or reach fruition, there’s another full moon in Capricorn, giving us more time for completion or to untangle any lessons that was missed.

·       For a deeper dive into planetary influences, scroll to the bottom of this newsletter

This Summer Outlook ~ Personal Sun Signs

Cancer – Energy is currency for you over the summer months which supports sustainability. When fatigue sets in ask for help from friends, family and others in your circle. Your buoyancy is attainable when you delegate needs and embrace rest. This nourishes and pacifies your soul. Schedule time for fun, exploration, amorous encounters, and romance to fill out your calendar. Abundance and success are all available.

Leo – The more effort you put into something the greater your rewards are for the summer. Go with ideas that are easily realized and associations within your community fuel your endeavors. The background players in your life are supporting you and aid in growing opportunities. These encounters attract the right people in your orbit and they want to partner with you to expand and broaden horizons.

Virgo – Wellness in the physical and mental arenas is a primary focus towards wholeness and wellbeing this summer. Seek out the practitioners that analyze, probe, assess and dig to uncover what is happening. It’s helpful to lead your own investigative research into private realms that bring insights out into the open. Be honest with yourself to lighten the load. This scrutiny benefits you for the future.

Libra – Selectivity is most important when ferreting relationships that offer insights and promise. When the heart is connected with choices of passionate pursuits embrace the affection. Otherwise respect your intuition and emotions when the electricity isn’t there. Enact boundaries for the energy vampires who seek to deplete you. Those who adore you acknowledge your value and wellbeing.

Scorpio – Strange phenomenon holds together everyday details of life. The routines that are in place balance the dynamics that transcend time and space. The advantage of scheduling help you meet the needs in your relationships at home and work. It allows for the unfolding connections to develop benefitting healthy partnerships in the future. You excel in leadership roles that offer a visionary aspect.

Sagittarius – The wishy-washy emotional rollercoaster you are on is soon to change with stable composure. This navigation through those you interact with are based on the agreements made and those that you honor. Dedicate your actions for cooperation as you go forward and commitment will follow. Sparks of insight appear when you least expect it. Inspiration is at hand and celebrations are not far behind.

Capricorn – The skillset of leaders is varied and coping strategies will be useful at this time. If there’s a lack of support for your endeavors or hinderances that force you to slow down, retreat. Quiet time or stillness increases observational abilities and foster mindfulness. Enjoy some time in nature on solo adventures. This will increase your ability for decision-making and promote a sense of well-being.

Aquarius – The body is highly attuned to changes in the immediate environment. The melding of your spiritual and animal nature influences a reshuffling of life as you knew it. A lifestyle change is in the works. Accept the inevitable to make way for progress. A few supporters show up but detractors may debate this new evolution. Activities that engage your body, open you to receive the healing energy available, offering rejuvenation.


Pisces – It’s time to party and have fun get-togethers, with sparkling entertainment. Your energy welcomes all those who seek nourishment, offering emotional outpourings with in-depth understanding. Opportunities to be a coach, counselor, sponsor, or a practitioner are available. Other gifts you have to share with others are of the spiritual realm such as leading groups or individuals on pilgrimages or mystical journeys.

Aries – Romance brings in great happiness and excitement, culminating in pleasant feelings. Your imagination and self-expression are affected. It alters how you create intimacy through the aesthetics in delightful ways. The other areas of life, community and career are renewed through expanding commitments. As a leader, your firm attachment to projects helps bring them into reality, ensuring it will be for the long haul.

Taurus – Navigate your community of friends, family and acquaintances with heightened awareness of what they’re thinking and feeling anxious about. These sensories convey information about others and influences how this affects your experiences. Understanding the interpersonal connections, encourages deeper relationships. Offering favorable opportunities for contentment and satisfaction.

Gemini – The freer you are in self-expression, the more liberated you will feel from monotonous routines. Obligations may leave you feeling exhausted. A wonderful characteristic to employ is the gift of laughter while you make way to the top. Career pursuits in all forms of communications and travel or aided by experiences, facts and a focus on what is essential. The culmination of your efforts will be rewarded.

The Summer Planetary Lineup 

This will impact us for the next three months before journeying towards equilibrium at the Fall Equinox.

Mercury is in play with a few planets; conjuncts Venus – showcasing communications being deeper and offering us a chance to share how we are feeling, talk with others or journal details, sextiles Mars – giving us new unique ideas with creative insights, semisquare Uranus – making us a bit nervous when encountering unexpected situations.

Neptune is in a T-square formation with the sun and the moon, encouraging intuition and faith, it can also bring confusion or frustrations with little or no objectivity. It’s important to be mindful of withdrawing from stressful situations and face them directly. Neptune adds in a level of empathy and heartbreak related to the world’s suffering. Develop a plan to gain clarity on your emotions and set a reasonable goal to achieve it, and then map out plans into action steps. Wishful thinking or waiting to be rescued is not an appropriate response whereas taking responsibility is empowering. Make time for self-care to help with these challenges.

During this magical space of Solstice, Slow down and connect with self and your sensations ~ what do we Feel ~

·       Honor the sun by being outside / walk, swim, play or garden

·       Go to a natural hot spring, or submerge yourself in water

·       Meditate, spend time in reflection

·       Decorate with fresh flowers

·       Light a candle or smudge

With Gratitude and Blessings of Love and Peace,



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