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Star Light

Star Light


Birth Chart Reading

Your birth chart shows the potential life lessons you experience as well as your goals, desires, traits, tools, resources, and challenges. In this session, you will gain greater self-awareness, an in-depth analysis as well as a perspective on your life journey. A natal reading is for getting to know yourself better, and is helpful for personal process work, or just a better understanding of different aspects of your life and the energies available to you. Outcomes: Empowerment, growth, and ongoing behavioral changes. (Recommended for new comers who haven't had an astrology reading before). 

Solar Return or Update Reading

This session explores the potentials and purpose of solar returns, current transits, progressions and solar arc directed to the natal chart. The reading focusses on the present and future energies that are available for change and offers new potential for personal growth or if you want to initiate changes in your life. Outcomes: Identify current difficulties, taking advantage of decision- making opportunities. (Recommended for those who have had a natal reading before).


Using your natal chart on the map is a beneficial way to locate places in the world where you can achieve your desired goals, professionally, socially, or spiritually. Another opportunity of this reading is to see how a place has affected you with an experience that shifted from birth to where you presently live. Outcomes: To identify supportive locations, engage with energies that have an impact on your life, find locations to travel to and bring the energy home. (A one-hour session)

Relationship Synastry & Composite Chart Reading

This is a method of using two different forms of chart comparison and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of two people in a family or other relationship. The first chart compares, and contrast two horoscopes, and the second chart combines and integrates the two charts into one chart. Discover the ways you support and challenge each other and shed light on the purpose of the relationship. Appropriate for romantic, parent/child, friendship, siblings, or business relationships. Outcomes: Gain insight into the relationship, learn to develop ways to overcome difficulties, and understand opportunities available in the relationship. (For 2 or more people 90-minute session add $20.00 for each additional person).


This session is designed to help you with specific aspects of your life. You can choose what subjects you would like to discuss and I will use your personal natal chart as a framework to see where you are facing opportunities, challenges and discuss possible outcomes. (Note: this is not a natal chart reading)

Star Bright

Star Bright


Intro Natal Chart Report


An introduction to basic planetary configurations using your natal chart and going into detail of just your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon, and an explanation of the houses that they are in your birth chart. This report is Not an in-depth explanation on all planets in your chart. Go to the Natal Chart report for an extended chart explanation.

Asteroid Report


This report explains what the five most important goddess asteroids are, (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena, and Chiron) and informs you of their symbolic meaning and gives insight into how they operate in your natal chart with your natal planets.

Natal Chart Report


This report is an in-depth look at the eight planets, moon, and ascendant in your chart. It includes more detailed information than the Intro Natal Chart report. This report uses interpretive skills accurately calculated, with no-nonsense descriptions of the planetary configurations present in your life and how these affect you.

Friends and Lovers Report


This report calculates and compares two personal horoscope charts in detail. This in-depth report is written with four parts, looking at the relationship from both your perspective as well as from the other person’s.

Relocation Report


This report uses your natal chart but looked at from another location you are interested in visiting or moving to. This chart maps out roads of opportunity that stretch around the world, each of which will add strength and emphasis to specific parts of your personality and potential. This report is for one reading per city, town, or country.

Star Shine

Star Shine

(Classes & Events)

If you are interested in learning more about astrology, I will be teaching classes in

beginning astrology & intermediate astrology. Classes will be held on Zoom for now..

Individual lessons are available for $25.00 per hour. Classes listed below are for 5

consecutive lessons for 2 hours per lesson. Contact me for a personal schedule timeline.

Beginning Astrology

The Beginning Classes are 2-hour sessions over a five-week period cover the following:

  • The astrology basic chart

  • The signs, symbols, archetypes, and meanings

  • The houses, symbols, archetypes, and meanings

  • The planets, symbols, archetypes, and meanings

  • The aspects and how they play out in a natal chart.

  • Reading charts

Intermediate Astrology

Intermediate Astrology classes are 2-hour sessions over a five-week period cover the following:

  • Aspects in detail: Trines, sextiles, squares, oppositions, conjunctions

  • The cardinal points and house axis

  • Chart shapes

  • Retrograde planets

  • Transits, progressions, and solar arc directed.

  • How to read natal charts

Quarterly Topics

Happening on Solstices and Equinoxes –

Blog/ Newsletter

Spring Equinox 3/19/24

Summer Solstice 6/20/24

Fall Equinox 9/22/24

Winter Solstice 12/21/23

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