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Fall into Autumn's colors

With the afterglow of summer’s passing days, the ripening harvest brings a cornucopia of bounty for the months ahead. The Fall Equinox is upon us early this weekend signifying the winds of change and a magical time of mystery that honors the spirit world. With a turn of the wheel a new season is ushered in, bringing equal parts light and dark, tipping us into longer nights. Every cycle around the calendar is an evolutionary opportunity that honors the sacred pathway of life and our connection to the earth’s rhythm and patterns.

The energies at work during this symbolic transition offers breakthroughs of what brings us meaning and passion. A tradition from the ancients was to attune with nature and find the still point at the center for equilibrium. The body and soul are realigned by embracing Libra’s totem of the scales as an opportunity to process thoughts vs actions and the power of choice. Using free will helps us weigh and balance the past and future to merge in the present for growth and evolution of the psyche.

Rituals for the equinox:

Watch a sunrise/sunset or both

Be mindful through the power of the Breath

Meditate at a beautiful spot

Create harmony in your environment thru decoration

Sway with the autumnal colors outdoors

At this threshold of a new season, is an exact trine of Venus with Chiron and the north node bringing us undeniable healing power this autumn. There are also five outer planets retrograde making things feel very personal and intense. These slow-moving planets favor introspection and can offer transformative situations depending on your natal planetary placements. Harmony and peace will be hard to maintain with the sun squaring the moon in Capricorn but there’s also the potential for stimulating emotional breakthroughs. Venus the ruler of Libra, squares Jupiter and Uranus, encouraging relationships to proceed with caution, moderation and patience. Inadvertently this energy indulges gratifying and accommodating the needs of others opposing the individual’s desire for solitude. Use tact and flexibility as social change artists to smooth over difficulties with charm. Libra as the peacemaker is the mediator that finds common ground with equanimity and love.

Fall Astrological Highlights for each Sign

Promoting equality and harmony is a personal truth for Librans. Fairness, justice and morality are symbolized by the scales and are of the utmost importance for these natives in their relationships.

This fall you have extra energy and playfulness which may bother friends who lack your vim and vigor. You enjoy relationships that enhances satisfaction in life, giving you a sense of extraordinary power. Make room for something new which will boost wellbeing and balance health. Embrace self-care routines that are motivated by luxury and refinement. Utilize Venusian traits that support beauty and pampering to uplift spirits and gracefulness.

Scorpio is a complicated sign that has passion and deep emotions that holds the promise of rebirth. Natives are supported with an intensity that needs a creative outlet which drives them to seek meaning through investigating the hidden mysteries of life.

In the next few months, your resourceful idealism influences and benefits others and makes things better for them. Release and let go, as Pluto your ruler expresses itself thru regeneration, freeing you from what is no longer important. Understanding the cycle of life helps with a restoration of new opportunities that open up. Having some restrictions and setbacks offer a complete change of ideas that set the wheels in motion, to get what you want, and advance plans for the future.

Sagittarius rounds out this fall quadrant and is a citizen of the world, very adaptable with a love of adventure, travel, academia and spiritual or philosophical studies. Ruled by Jupiter, expanding energetic ambition and the archer’s freedom and optimism to see the big picture.

During the fall collaborate with diverse co-workers to relieve pressure on responsibilities with business dealings. This helps synthesize work – life flow and allows time to achieve fitness goals. A self-help exercise to manifest mindfulness and reduce stress, participate in creative visualization practices for relaxation. This deliberation slows things down, renews your spirit, energizes and motivates learning new things to bring personal goals of wellness into existence.

Capricorn: Your thinking is powerful and keeps the journey in sight to motivate support. It encourages assistance from others against your competitors. Schedule some time for effortless perusal of pleasure and relaxation. These activities will keep you well rounded, flexible and focuses your goals towards enjoyment, spontaneity and liberation.

Aquarius: Consolidate the download of information and transcribe your original ideas to close friends. This adds meaning and a form of communication with ongoing projects. These interrelationships offer fresh perspectives and solidifies the idea into tangible disciplinary action. It’s a challenge but having the stamina makes your vision come into form.

Pisces: Stay in touch with your feelings and address all aspects of self. When things become overwhelming integrate the symbol of the fish, to go with the flow. Adopt this technique for building self-esteem, accepting and loving yourself with compassion. If things are not materializing as your initial vision, there is still time to solve problems and wait for the ideal in the near future.

Aries: The relationships newly formed allow for plans to move forward. Use these collaborations as an advantage towards complications that arise. Staying optimistic with the current situation supports and offers clear strategies to pursue goals. It helps to revise the information and stay in front of any challenges and persist onward until completion.

Taurus: The quest shifts from the subconscious to the conscious mind, monitor observations for making changes or amend conclusions. Explore these new insights and be open to where they may lead you. Unplanned actions may have a few surprises in store for you. To enhance well-being spend time with friends that support your needs, helping you stay grounded.

Gemini: Connections are beneficial and builds bridges with people that are multi-faceted. The energy at hand allows for new social endeavors that enhance your ability to be a guide on behalf of others. Your mind is sharper and clear with plenty of information being made available. Utilize these assets as a resource for personal empowerment and beneficial outcomes.

Cancer: Transitions occur thru sharing emotions within primary partnerships. Speaking from the heart and listening to significant others may bring up past issues. To clear up arguments clarify personal needs and assert your ideology. Take comfort in knowing that this exercise in vulnerability is a safe space and serves a greater purpose for healthier relationships.

Leo: Investigate the academic world of teaching, education and learning which is abundantly available for you now. Sharing your natural talent that radiates inspiration to everybody are qualities you possess and it empowers people which brings out the best in them. A self-less perspective is to let others be in the spotlight and expresses your confidence as a visionary leader.

Virgo: The thirst for knowledge and information is found with interactions with humanity. This opportunity also benefits the immediate community by sharing your wisdom and insights. Communicate the concepts and analysis that serves a larger purpose while appeasing those who challenge you. A reasoned set of facts is needed for things to run smoothly.

Blessings for the Fall Equinox Season with Gratitude and Love,


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