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Below are some of my recommended and trusted books for you to enjoy. Clicking the image will open up the Amazon page in a new window.

“A Manual for a Modern Mystic” by Rio Olesky, is a book that details an inspirational viewpoint of the inner meanings of the twelve signs of the zodiac. I love the way Rio weaves the information from an ancient wellspring of the universal laws into an astrological perspective of the subconscious world and helps us access this information to be a guide throughout our lives. - SS

A Manual for a Modern Mystic by Rio Oles

Rio Olesky is a master storyteller of the mythological world and his insightful interpretations of the sun signs, planets and houses is an effective understanding of the basic archetypes and symbols. It is through Rio’s comprehension of the inner workings of astrology and experience, that he draws upon, for a conclusive reference guide for all. This book embraces the concepts of astrology into a spiritual journey of art + science = magic. - SS


This is a wonderful tool for astrology beginner’s learning the key words to signs, planets, and houses. It is through the interactive movable wheel you can adjust each segment to a particular area for interpretation of the symbols and archetypes. I use this for teaching basic principles of astrology to students who want a better understanding of the astrological language. - SS

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