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Spiraling into a new Season

                          Winter Solstice Globe ~ shari_starlight

A new season begins again continually spiraling, ushering in the sequential Solstice season on December 21st. The sun’s entrance into Capricorn’s domain, launches our journey with the absence of light, on the longest night. It foreshadows the diminishing daylight, revealing its own radiance, rhythm, music, and magic. To celebrate and honor the sacred darkness, rest, go inside, set intentions for wellbeing, reconnect with dreams, mysticism, poetry, and wisdom.

“When fate and strife cross in the heavens – you cannot escape. Your only hope is to dance towards its embrace!”  Rumi (poet and astrologer)

An indelible silver lining lies within our experiences, growth, and accomplishments of the past year. It compresses our story, calling us through time as a guide for the future. Setting new goals are important themes for motivational strategies at the start of a new year. Utilize the earth element and cardinal qualities of Capricorn for attaining groundedness, initiate creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, and pragmatism.

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Personal Sun Sign’s

Capricorn – Last year was a reflection of what was inspirational for you, and highlighted your imagination and what it offered. A big congratulations, on all of your accomplishments especially the direct effort on all the endeavors you’ve worked on. This year wipe your slate clean, forgive the past and manifest the new you from the bottom up to rebuild a strong foundation. Use the energy and motivation available for targeting an innovative end game. Then take some time to relax, revitalize, and retreat for replenishing resources.

Aquarius – 2023 was a creative year for you to follow your hearts desires. Staying centered, was a big support to maintain your uniqueness. In the year ahead manifest your far-reaching ideas into reality, collaborating with like-minded people to keep you engaged. Pace yourself, rest when needed because your mental prowess knows no bounds. Use discretion when following thru with projects. Deluxe upgrades are titillating so be aware of costs and have fun.

Pisces – In the last year, your intuitive antennae was working overtime picking up the latest zeitgeist. Your observant nature and timing found an audience for speaking your truth. The next year ahead widens your appeal with the messages resonating with eagerness in larger groups, workshops, and classes. Establish some time for self-care to preserve energy, avoid burn-out and feeling overwhelmed. Set intentions for the future and ground them in reality with gratitude.

Aries – This past year was about finding and accepting new information, which had you diving into the deep unknown. The differences you found in others taught important lessons about yourself. The upcoming year shows a fiery independence and a focused readiness, encouraging others on how to live an authentic life. It’s important to find inspiration and clarity of purpose, to strategize and execute plans with what needs to be done. Your finances and career are on the rise.

Taurus – A look back into the past year highlighted your understanding of life thru trusting your instincts and intuition. This strength allowed you to leave things behind and move forward. In this new year, reinvent the self with new opportunities and trust your hunches for guidance. These uncharted territories offer ambitious career endeavors and amplifies potentials towards unlimited prosperity. Lead the way and take control of your path.

Gemini – In this last year you were able to expand your networks making connections thru communicating, which is one of your superpowers. The new year engages you with a social reboot and time to dream big. As things start moving a twining effect takes place in simultaneous ways… student/teacher, boss/intern, wise elder/youth, etc. This inspires a creative outpouring of imminent expansion, innovative ideas, words, and ethos become relevant and widespread.

Cancer – Last year you were challenged to grow and evolve. This insight provided a new understanding of self and values. Looking forward to the year ahead, the therapy needed is nurturing wellbeing thru food, fauna, and nature. Create a plan in the areas of your life you want to change and make adjustments. To gain emotional space, fantasize on dream networks to escape. This metamorphosis gives you objectivity, allowing big rewards.

Leo – In 2023 your priority was to cultivate how you want to be perceived by others. This development brought a deeper understanding of those relationships and how they are inspirational for everyone involved. New year’s illuminates transforming the world around you and to sway with the upcoming changes. Expressive dialogue lays the foundation and crafts existing ideas. Clarity is a form of healthy expression that brings support, feedback, and confidence.

Virgo – The previous year of exploring uncharted territory brought its own fears but your mutability allowed for growth to take place. Now in the year ahead you excel with precision and attention to intricate details, sharing your expertise with the world. The drive available gives you energy to navigate projects, achieve workloads and be a force of good in our natural habitats. Take time to acknowledge achievements, success, and major wins.

Libra – The message in 2023 was to focus on yourself. If you were overextended and charging forward without carving out time to relax, you may have missed out on personal development. The support is available this year to be heard, so create the vision and manifest it. If need be, detach from difficult situations and stay levelheaded to avoid conflicts. When innovative opportunities arise move forward with potential partners who make you feel complete. Aim high.

Scorpio – Through the last year, acceptance was a major feature to comprehend, it reinforced and strengthened your resolve. Now moving forward into a new year, transform where you live, who you live with and declare who you are! Once you know where you are going, the opportunities unfold and ground you. A level-headed approach offers added benefits. Turn your attention towards honesty and ask others for their support. It will be there when you need it.

Sagittarius – A focus for the last year was to build a solid foundation and take care of your wellbeing. Going into a new year offers you the ability to amplify your story and visions to the world. Create space to eliminate excess to slow down, learn patience, and have time for inspiration and daydreams. Express your ideas and make plans that strategically open up opportunities within the community where you live. Serendipity provides helpers when you least expect it. 

  • The Bigger Picture 

The Winter Solstice astra-verse contemplates what the new season may bring to us all. The spotlight begins with our relationships to communities and neighborhoods, where we live, work and play. Inclusivity is important or the whole can break apart in disfunction. We may experience some planetary difficulties, with Mars-Uranus giving us reactive and impulsive qualities. The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are in trine, a favorable aspect with each other, that calms situations down, assists with sensible outcomes, and keeps us grounded. The Moon’s trine to Mercury and sextile to Saturn allows for reflection, inquisitive discovery, and practical ways to address issues. Venus opposes Uranus and trines Neptune, rousing us with pleasing aesthetics, values and a loving harmony that resonates wherever we reside.

Once we enter 2024, Sun and Pluto are marching in unison from Capricorn into Aquarius which activates shifting priorities - pushing personal autonomy and power to the edge. The focus then turns to collective actions on empowering people without bringing it to mob rule. The urgent need to act requires maturity and caution. These life changing alignments stimulate breakthroughs, awareness, and healthy inclusivity. Staying resolute on how and what we want to change, clarifies the vision for our collective groups. Later in May Jupiter transits into Gemini, offering increased contacts and connections, communications are highlighted, versatility, luck within the neighborhood and with friends, larger more expansive trips become available and learning a wide range of subjects that are of interest.

The Season of Saturnalia from the ancient Romans give us the festivities and merriment that we enjoy today. Shine bright into the upcoming darkness and celebrate the gradual return of the light. Use this energy to reflect on the past and renew the hope for the future.

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