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Summer Solstice Newsletter

The morning daylight exuberance crest’s and stands still while the earth and sun meet on the June Solstice, a motionless moment in time. We are nourished and embraced with longer days and shorter nights in the Northern hemisphere. The stillness of light lasts for three days and is an opportunity for rejuvenating and expanding our spirit while reconnecting with the flora, fauna, fungi and all its creatures.

Take time to gather with others celebrating nature’s guiding genius of earth’s abundance. Our participation and intention are captured by the potency of the sun’s radiance, illuminating all communities outdoors. To commemorate the sun, embody a simple ritual that awakens our ancient uninhibited natural self. Focus and breathe, let the breath synchronize with your surroundings. Express the feeling of this mood thru physicality, by dancing, painting, singing, journaling, and storytelling. In the act of expressing our emotions, we are able to find navigational instructions that guide our course for the future to ensure a good harvest.

The basic themes playing out for the summer season:

In the early morning light, the solstice at 0° Cancer, starts the summer with Mercury sextiling Mars and Venus. This planetary action upgrades our mindset while adding the potential for creativity, courage, taking risks and some drama. Depending upon which house these planets reside in natally, they can contribute to areas for steady growth. The moon in Leo charms us with happiness, playfulness and not taking things too seriously. A few challenging aspects with the sun are Pluto and Neptune bringing up idealism, disillusionment, insecurities, and lack of boundaries or old thought patterns that hold you back. There is an opportunity for spiritual development with Jupiter sextiling Saturn. Reflect on what you can bring into form with a creative clearer vision for manifesting. If there are setbacks, timing is key and eventually it will work in your favor. When things seem out of control surrender to the feelings and engage in activities that have meaning. It’s helpful to maintain a sense of personal empowerment and objectivity.

Summer Co Stars ~ Cancer, Leo, Virgo

The solstice unfurls its power thru an introverted feminine nature in the sign of Cancer the crab, establishing a rhythm and character uniquely its own. The watery nature of home and comfort reflects the moon goddess, who personifies emotions, empathy, intuition, and sensitivity. This summer create a different approach in changing situations towards a joyous purpose that frees up time outside of the house, to plant a garden or socialize with friends and family. Your caretaking qualities can offer you assistance for self-protection, be patient with this process which builds up self-confidence. There is power in your words, use declarative statements to bring form into reality to feel contentment.

Leo is the middle sign of this summer’s quadrant starting in late July. The sun rules this sign and the lion symbolizes illumination, strength, and vitality. Use your indomitable will to find creative solutions to accomplish the many tasks ahead. Once they are completed there will be room for new enterprises. When you are in the spotlight enjoy the people who admire you and share your self-love with others. They make your world radiate and creatively inspire your ambitions. To continually better yourself and take control of your own destiny engage in self-care programs and wellness therapies. Choose therapies that are enjoyable, providing lavish attention and leaves you feeling pampered and well-attended to.

Towards the end of summer into fall is the sign of Virgo, embodied by the Virgin Priestess. The mutable qualities of this sign support what has been disintegrating behind the scenes. Correct mistakes by editing and polishing them to get it done right. Mercury, the messenger and communicator isn’t always tactful but using precise language gets your point across and puts the information into practical forms. Use discrimination when sharing knowledge and stand by the facts. This summer your intellect grows through diligently learning and reading. The harvested wisdom encourages accountability and gives you pleasure to see how far you have come. Sacred prospects are on the horizon and manifestations are supported by dreams and tapping into the subconscious.

Libra: Adjusting your situation with diplomacy will shore up business moves that will boost your bottom-line with profits. Stay clear of others and their distractions while embracing relationships that satisfy you. For restoring balance use grace within action to provide well-being and stimulate harmony. Explore Tai Chi and utilize the serene with flowing movements that enhance the body with strength, agility and vigor.

Scorpio: Immerse yourself in different perspectives and new environments to bring happiness your way. Stay focused and be efficient in getting details across to others. Going with the flow versus forcing something to happen offers better results and it’s easier to maintain relationships. An added bonus is tapping into your emotional perception and regenerative abilities which benefits everyone.

Sagittarius: As a new reality unfolds seeing things more objectively helps make the necessary changes less frustrating. Do not take action prematurely as it will reverse the progress already made. Conflicts and other annoyances multiply, try to say very little or nothing at all. To upgrade your physicality and equilibrium pursue nutrition upgrades and strength building for a healthier stronger body.

Capricorn: Engage in research and investigations to find what modifications are needed. Finalize the details and make a cohesive plan for gaining support from others. Staying the course helps in attaining primary goals. Make time for a break in responsibilities and reconnect with friends and family. This downtime allows for health concerns to be addressed and incorporates more relaxation into a busy schedule.

Aquarius: Shifts occur in your social realms of work and altruistic relationships. Conceptualize distractions that offer a turnabout to avoid disagreements and detach when necessary. Stay firm in the process and persist in keeping track of the original and inventive ideas that come your way. Your progressiveness amplifies personal power and allies that support you appear when you need them.

Pisces: Participating with others in a sensitive and receptive way keeps you active within your community. Take time to schedule social endeavors and communicate your needs. Focus on your wellbeing to boost your energy reserves. To keep you from feeling exhausted engage in nutrient-rich foods and limit alcohol consumption. There will be better options available to you on the horizon filled with joyful great times ahead.

Aries: Your independence gives you the confidence and wherewithal to avoid squabbles. This reliable tactic navigates experiences that play in your favor. Attempt to integrate a new set of codes or ethics to strengthen relationships. When you do collaborate with others, be kind and stay focused on the details for a more productive outcome. This will add power for promoting everyone’s cause.

Taurus: The home is your sanctuary that restores emotional boundaries and power dynamics in relationships. The opportunities for close friends to understand you better begins with communicating with clarity. Your words have meaning which provides intimacy with others and enlightens them of your thoughts and feelings. The opportunities for emotional restoration will surprise and amaze you, be open to where it will lead.

Gemini: If you feel you are going in a lot of directions, relax and take inventory to alleviate the stress. Break down tasks to tackle creative projects, edit and perfect existing ones. People support ideas and help you manifest them into the world with ease. The possibility for leading others ramps up an exciting movement a zeitgeist moment in time as your social life takes off.

In Loving Gratitude and Joyful Blessings,


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James Ambuehl
James Ambuehl
21 cze 2023

Love the information and all your hard work, Shari!!

James Ambuehl
James Ambuehl
21 cze 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Thank you James, I appreciate it.

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