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Saturnalia ~ Solstice Turning Point

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Photo of: Stonehenge England with doorway from Newgrange Ireland

The end of the year dance begins anew with less daylight and darker longer nights harkening the Winter Solstice Season in the Northern Hemisphere. This year the Winter Solstice is on December 21st where the sun is directly over the tropic of Capricorn. As the year evolves, the cycle slowly moves back to the to the tropic of Cancer for the Summer Solstice. The solstice represents a climax and transition for ending one phase and the start of another.

The ancients and people all over the world celebrated the Winter solstice as a period of hope and resilience. In Roman times, Saturnalia celebrations suspended social norms and the servant was served by the master. On the longest nights of the year, old order was sacrificed with raucous feasting, mischief making, and chaos, so new order could be reborn. The Druids and Celts used this time for gathering indoors with family and friends burning yule logs, decorating with holly and mistletoe while doing minimal work and feasting on stored foods, telling stories of the rebirth of the sun and longer days ahead.

The beginning of winter is marked by the “Gate of Capricorn” and the ancient astronomers believed that souls reside in the River of Life or better known as the Milky Way.

The golden “Gate of Capricorn” leads beyond reincarnation through which we can ascend up to the heavens. These “stargates” or portals are wide open during the solstices. In the Summer solstice there is the silver gate of man which leads to reincarnation where the souls descend down from heaven to earth.

The portal can assist us in accessing inter-dimensional doorways to parallel universes through time travel, thus utilizing the present moment to heal the past and to create the future… besides being auspicious, this portal presents an excellent time for prayer, meditation, ceremony, festivity and magic...” Lorence Connor

At this time dark triumphs over light and signifies a turning point. It is within the darkness and the silence we can be consciously aware of new inspiration and our connection to the cycles of the seasons. Discovering the inner world can be the catalyst for our personal growth and enlightenment. In this power point of the year, it is important to feel all the emotions that the darkness brings up and embrace it as a spiritual cradle where our inner light can be reborn.

With the dawning of a new year the question may be what is in store for 2022? The blank canvas of what lies in the future and the potential that awaits us can be drawn from the past year’s energy of the Saturn and Uranus square. It is still with us until the end of the new year, which is restimulating the root causes of the differences in our world view. So, these energies of extreme polarities that plague us won’t diminish anytime soon but the internal tension can be resolved through taking action from a place that honors both the slow work of respectful maturity and energetically choosing the best timing. The good news is Jupiter in Pisces makes a difference in our metaphysical world bypassing language and relying on art, poetry, music and dance to express what we have learned and what we continue to expand upon. Our imagination, dreams and meditations can carry us to new levels of spiritual awareness.

The Winter Co-Stars ~ Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

This Quadrant expands the Social Theatre to focus on the group or the collective

At the Winter Solstice window, a 0 ° cardinal point in astrology begins with the yin female energy of Capricorn. An earth sign whose symbol is that of the Mergoat or Seagoat, which is derived from the V shaped beard of the mountain goat and the curved tail of the fish melding both energy and passion. These natives are known for being patient, getting things done, well organized, great managers and effective leaders. They are also able to go emotionally deep, tap into their creativity and bring spirit into matter to manage it for the benefit of others. This sign is ruled by Saturn, encompassing steadiness, discipline, restriction, limitations, fear and time.

Capricorn: This year a revolution of self-worth is available for you to define what discipline means, what the legacy of service is and for whom. It’s an opportunity to evaluate and focus on pleasure, play, joy, and love, shaping and evolving your sense of self as the gift for the collective.

In the middle of the winter quadrant is Aquarius, a yang fixed air sign symbolized by the waterbearer, a figure who gathers wisdom and clarity of insight, a gift that flows freely and equally to all. It represents electric energy, universal thought and the wisdom of the future. Aquarians are known for being independent, idealistic humanitarians who are philanthropic but can be detached in personal relationships, progressive, egalitarian, inventive, innovative, eccentric and opiniated. The ruler is Uranus, the planet noted for change, revolution, chaos, invention and modern science.

Aquarius: This is your year to go inside and individuate for evolving into the embodied self. Objectivity will help your inherited beliefs by accessing broad perspectives in a deeply more personal way. You will gain insights into work, responsibilities and the pressures you put upon yourself and be intellectually productive.

The final quadrant is Pisces, a mutable yin water sign of two fishes swimming in opposite directions tied together integrating the spiritual and material world. This sign has receptive energy, empathic, idealistic, intuitive, imaginative, creative, romantic, adaptable, dreamers, psychics and mystics. These natives are selfless service oriented and seek a spiritual life, on the shadow side they could be disillusioned and escape into drugs, alcohol, vacillate or live in a fantasy world. The ruler of Pisces is the planet Neptune, represented as spirituality, transcendence, redemption, glamour, mystery and deception.

Pisces: This year discover a renewed sense of appreciation and faith in yourself by being aware of internal changes taking place. Focus on the importance of connections by tapping into spirit and integrate your needs consciously for outward manifestation to occur. Surround yourself with supporters for self-care.

The Winter Healing, Nurturing and Well-being

Foods: (Cap) kale, chard, spinach, collard greens, cauliflower sformati, and toshikoshi soba, goat milk, yogurt, goat cheese, salmon, cod, sardines, mussels (Aquarius) corn, winter squash, egg yolks, leafy greens (Pisces) salmon, flounder, herring, nori, dulse, kombu

Fruits: (Cap) oranges or orange juice, cranberries (Aquarius) goji berries, acai berries, guava, papaya, pineapple (Pisces) apples, lemons

Herbs: (Cap) SAMe, glucosamine, turmeric (Aquarius) sweet marjoram, Siberian ginseng, passion (Pisces) reishi mushrooms, phosphorus

Flower essences: (Cap) mimulus, vine, oak flower (Aquarius) California wild rose, dill, quaking grass (Pisces) nicotiana, aspen, pink yarrow

Aromatherapy: (Cap) cypress, frankincense, scotch pine (Aquarius) patchouli, benzoin (Pisces) sandalwood, myrrh, tea tree oil

Wellness: (Cap) Swedish massage, body moisturizing therapies, and Feldenkrais (Aquarius) acupuncture, Reiki, NIA classes, mineral salt baths (Pisces) hypnotherapy, reflexology, watsu

Crystals: (Cap) Autunite, Apatite, Collophanite, Garnet (Aquarius) Halite, Amethyst (Pisces) Vivianite, Aquamarine

Additional Signs:

Aries: Strategize for the year ahead amongst your current obligations. Focus on what you want to accomplish with regards to your thoughts, and ideas. Set goals utilizing the best use of your stamina for success.

Taurus: Ambitious pursuits and making new connections create possibilities for professional aspirations. Stay in tune with personal needs and adopt a broader perspective for the desired presence of autonomy.

Gemini: A straightforward approach is needed to deal with anxieties about fears and other obstacles that are surfacing and need to be processed. Your curiosity will serve you by going deeper and stretch beyond your comfort level.

Cancer: As you shed outmoded patterns in relationships, a transformation can take place and free you up from the drama and other complicated dynamics. Embrace and collaborate with those that support you in partnerships.

Leo: For meaningful work, find and awaken what brings you passion in the day-to-day experiences and align them with your core values. Cooperation and commitments can be fulfilled by engaging your creativity and sharing experiences with others.

Virgo: Tap into your creative muse for fleshing out fresh perspectives and new techniques. This will help with reorganizing existing systems. The search for the best outcome brings productivity to your work and moves you out of your comfort zone.

Libra: The clarity needed for happiness to emerge is hard work, patience and trusting the process. Surrender into inspired imagination to change your perspective and provide balance in social interactions to birth something new.

Scorpio: Explore the structures in your life and see what limiting circumstances have compromised a sense of stability. Try focusing on your material well-being and resources so you can strategize staying in the flow towards your goals.

Sagittarius: Discipline and curiosity keep the momentum for you to stay in body and restore your vitality. Once the body intelligence returns, network with people who need your talents and ingenuity that bring opportunities which spark your next adventure.

In Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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