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June Solstice Paradigm

The Liberating Hot Sizzling Summer Solstice begins on June 21st beckoning the yearly dance of light and dark, longer days and shorter nights in the northern hemisphere and the opposite for the southern hemisphere. It’s a time for feasting, being outside and enjoying the warmth of the sun and the coolness of water with friends, family, fauna and all of life’s creatures.

Ancient civilizations believed the longest day of Light had extreme significance and was steeped in spiritual tradition. Light and dark = life over death. It was critical for survival in the agrarian societies. The Romans honored the goddess Vesta with sacred cakes. The Vestal temple was open to all married women on this special day and was a protector of marriage and virginity. While the Native Americans erected a cottonwood tree for the sun gazing dance to honor the connection between the heavens and earth. A mystical day where the world turns upside down or it seems to magically stand still.

In modern times a celebration honoring our connection to the inner firepower which keeps us alive can be a potential for growth. The June solstice is a time to step into your power, to sing, dance, light a bonfire and celebrate life! Weave a garland of prayers and gratitudes for renewal, fertility and a good harvest.

Replenish your spirit with some present-day rituals listed below:

· Play like a child and connect to the artistic fun-loving self

· Clear out the old and release the past

· Bathe in the light of the sun

· Feast on summer foods – either grill or fresh salads (adding edible flowers)

· Work with summer herbs -besides cooking, try making into incense or dried to carry in a

amulet (See bottom of this article for a list)

At sunrise on Solstice morning there is a heliacal rise of five planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn with the moon tapping the string of planets returning to us what was lost or forgotten and sharing the wisdom of what the ancestors saw in the dark sky. Other influences taking shape on this auspicious day begins with the pioneering moon’s call to action in Aries conjunct the expansive inspirational Jupiter for embarking on the next adventure either near or far, amping up emotional reactivity, impatience, impulsiveness and the ability to seize an opportunity and move swiftly.

For the next three months embrace the climb up the summit for realignment, revision, integration, and cleansing. Drink deeply of the watery nature of home and comfort. Let your emotions surge confidently while meditating on self-love for rejuvenation of the spirit.

Summer Highlights Featuring ~ Cancer, Leo, Virgo

The June Solstice window is in the constellation of Cancer the crab, a watery cardinal energy. The ruler is Luna the moon goddess, who encompasses deep emotions, empathy, intuition, and sensitivity. Most archetypes of this sign embrace home, family, and security. Staying busy over the summer is the order of the day but find a quiet environment for introspection which allows you to take on more intellectual work and focus on projects you want to complete. Having loyalty and service to others gives you an opportunity to explore innovative options and seek like-minded individuals who want you to succeed. This sun sign initiates creative cycles and has a self-starting force that propels energy for power and fulfillment. Leo is in the constellation of the lion, the middle sign of this summer’s quadrant in late July. It's ruled by the sun, and embraces the nature of fiery fixed energy, radiating enthusiasm, very loving, creative, romantic, and fun. For the next 3 months optimism and abundance will help you overcome any fears that block your success. A fast-paced evolution taking place tests your determination. Leo’s arrogance and pride can test partners or collaborators but surrendering to suggestions and outcomes help with decisions that need to be made. This action step will help you to proceed towards the desires and vision everyone wants while bringing out the best in others. The transitional sign at the of end of summer into fall is Virgo, represented by the Virgin priestess. It’s a mutable earth sign ruled by mercury, the god of cleverness and discrimination. These natives have an active restless inner life and like to unravel the hyper mind. The quest is to gain knowledge and figure out how to put the puzzle pieces together. Their calm authority and attention to details ensures quality control and provides like-minded individuals support with new perspectives. They are the devotee who grows through being service oriented, loyal, and adaptable. When these natives tirelessly work towards fitting into new situations, they gain a better sense of self-worth.

Libra: Exploring different scenarios will keep up interests and avoid any stagnation. By aligning with allies, they will help you achieve conceptual ideas that are not in the mainstream. The long-term focus is for lively counsel with friends and making compromises to attain what you want. The down side of working with others may be a loss of self-autonomy but it will create traction towards your projects.

Scorpio: You have the resources needed to fulfill an opportunity to get things done. Due diligence will open up new avenues once you release the desire to control various outcomes. Knowing what you want brings progress towards relating with others and helps relationships to evolve in a healthier intimate way without drama. This scenario will accelerate your growth. Sagittarius: Being objective will add insight towards releasing the beliefs that no longer align with your calling. Creative juices flow when you stay in the rhythm that works best for you. Spend time organizing your calendar and delegate responsibilities so there is balance between work/play and fun! Collaborations are an advantage when the individuals have your back and you can rely on them for support. Capricorn: Pace yourself for the work ahead and the energy needed to fulfill your heart’s desire. Inspiration takes hold when you realize you don’t need to play by the rules. The future is brighter when you sort out your priorities and resources to assess what is available to achieve your desires. Make time for romance and upcoming adventures for some summer enjoyment. Aquarius: A busy schedule this summer needs adjustments to make room for inspiration and creative surprises. Your brain is lit up with overflowing ideas that may change your direction. Focus on what needs accommodating to move forward and do it. Reflect on what you have recently completed and give yourself a pat on the back for all of your achievements. Pisces: Tap into your imagination to bring some of your visions into reality. It is becoming easier to thrive in your environment and other surroundings by bringing friends and family on board with your innovative ideas. You easily comprehend the spirit of the times and want to implement the philosophies into a larger arena with opportunities that become available. Aries: Staying focused and being present is best fulfilled when you physically take care of your body. This will help you in the long run. Be selective of agreements with others, to alleviate problem-solving and make life more manageable. Some resistance and surprises create tension but as long as you know what you want you to achieve, the support system you have in place will make it happen. Taurus: Understanding your authentic values helps when considering your accomplishments. This clarity provides insight for the new self-emerging. It’s a fertile time of development accelerating your evolution which doesn’t need to be drastic to be effective. If there are changes needed after assessment, take baby steps for any adjustments. Prioritize your well-being to ensure movement with grace and ease. Gemini: A simple health trick is to take 10 deep breaths three times a day to clear your head, revitalize mental ideas, provide clarity and efficiency and brings inspiration towards a calm stabilized mind. The clearer you are about what you want the quicker you can attain those desires. Know what motivates you and let the inner self be the guide to realize your aspirations.

Summer Healing, Nurturing and Wellbeing:

Herbs: fennel (anti-anxiety), st john's wort (anti-inflammatory), mugwort (digestion and menstruation)

Flower essences: baby blue eyes (strengthens intimacy), black cohosh (balance female disorders), borage (gives confidence and releases hopelessness), clematis (keeps you in the present), chamomile (calming), calendula (skin healing and beautifying), heather (eases anxiety and loneliness), honeysuckle (releases the past), jasmine (improves moods), lavender (heightened awareness), lily (heals the 2nd chakra), morning glory (calms the mind and shifts consciousness), pansy (anti-inflammatory), pine (encourages moving forward) rock water (helps to cope with change and releases rigidity) rose (heals heartbreak and grief)

Aromatherapy: Chickweed (antioxidant), Jasmine (overcoming stress), honey suckle (anxiety and insomnia), lemon balm (reduces stress and anxiety), cardamom (anti-bacterial), carrot seed oil (refreshing and diminishes feelings of fatigue)

Wellness: Drink plenty of water, hydrotherapy, milk bath, aquatic fitness class, biofeedback, hot stone massage, sunbathing, hair and scalp treatments, fasting, steam baths and herbal wraps

Crystals: Amethyst (serenity and calmness), moonstone (restores tranquility), selenite (mental clarity), sapphire (restores balance and helps with vertigo)

With Gratitude, in Peace and Love,


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