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Spring into the Equinox

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Photo of: Kulkulkan at Chichen Itza, Mexico

The rebirth of sun and light gets the ball rolling into the Spring Equinox and the sign of Aries. This dynamo rushes in the change of season from the cold winter inertia and blossoms into longer warmer days. The transition from Pisces to Aries, (the golden elixir of the zodiac), brings in new beginnings and initiates plans we made during the winter months and is a call to action. The forward momentum is transformative and resets the inner balance of equal hours of day and night, dark and light on March 20th @ 8:33 AM PDT. The energy sprints us forward towards our desires and destinations. The change into spring is a renewal of life expressed through nature and felt on a personal and collective level.

In cultures all over the world the equinoxes were celebrated as special, and potent. They erected monuments, rejoiced with feasts, and performed rituals that aligned with the new season. One such ritual was Ostara; it involved observing agricultural changes and doing meditations that were earth focused. Others celebrated with spring festivals, fertility dances, and egg-dyeing. The ancient man-made monuments show the changing seasons by the Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Druids. They celebrated the resurrection of their gods and built markers in stone and rock to track the different phases of the sun, moon, and other astronomical cycles. In Chichen Itza on the first day of spring at the pyramid Kukulkán, a feathered serpent descends in a glory of shadow and light down the great pyramid steps signaling the auspicious time for planting. (See photo above) It was through these celebrations and rituals the various cultures were able to connect to the wisdom of the earth and understand the connection between life, death, and rebirth.

To engage and welcome in the Spring, venture outside with a walk-in nature immersing yourself in the emergent Aliveness all around. Breathe in the smells of fresh grass and growing flowers or observe the budding leaves on trees. Start an herb garden, grow flowers, and propagate your indoor house plants to make a positive impact on your environment. Another way to plant seeds would be creating a vision board, write in a journal or set goals. Spring is also a time for cleaning out the old and refreshing your place with aromatherapy oils, incense or smudge sticks as well as decluttering your living space to improve focus and mental clarity.

This spring season is awash with Pisces and the element of Water. Jupiter and Neptune the rulers of Pisces combine and create a subtle tsunami force that saturates and sweeps through the corners and crevices of our psyche. It represents adaptability and cultivation. The fish swimming in opposite directions relate to how we work with these two energies: by examining the potential moment with ingenuity and transcending ways for accomplishing mundane tasks with magical possibilities and selfless service. The ripples of mutability bless and inspire the collective to be flexible, go with the flow and ride out the waves when there are obstacles. It can also be an auspicious awakening to a new spiritual movement where the story and the myths come together creating a new zeitgeist of art, creativity, sweet connections, and a chance to be born again. For mind centering activities that support your body and keep you grounded try eating shellfish or add sea salt to your diet. Enjoy activities that include meditation, swimming, walking and reflexology (focusing on the feet) or aquatic water dance for well-being.

The Spring Co-Stars ~ Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Taking the lead in the spring quadrant is Aries, a Cardinal fire sign represented by the assertive ram, a self-starter, who’s competitive, has enduring strength, focus, and willpower. Noted for being short on patience and relentless in pursuing goals these natives may abandon projects due to lack of instant gratification. The ruler of Aries is Mars, known as the god of war and fertility, also represented by desire, courage, a maverick, with a call to action. Aries rules the head and brain making them vulnerable to headaches or migraines. For wellness give yourself time to rest and recuperate.

Aries: Ideas that have been simmering all winter will be implemented this spring once you finalize your plans and finish other matters that have been started. Relationships that allow independence and self-reliance are an asset to feeling secure. Take time to rest and connect to a spiritual creative path which will invigorate passions and desires to become tangible.

The middle sign of this Spring quadrant is Taurus, a fixed earth sign symbolized by the bull, noted for being grounded, having strength, stamina, discipline, practical-minded, reliable, undeviating, along with stubborn tendencies and self-indulgence. The ruler of Taurus is Venus, the Roman goddess of love, creativity, sensuality, harmony, fertility, and the force of attraction. Taurus rules the neck, for relaxation try neck rolls or neck massages.

Taurus: Patience is needed for making changes in the coming months. Avoid being overwhelmed by accomplishing too many tasks. Try prioritizing what is currently possible for future success. An introspective approach and compromise will help you find independence with those you have commitments with.

The transition sign from late spring into summer is Gemini, mutable air, represented by the twin's expressing duality, being curious, talkative, quick-witted, youthful, spontaneous, informative, adaptable, mercurial, fickle and a gossip. Ruled by Mercury, the Roman messenger of the gods enjoying all types of communication, the intellect, language, and bridge building. Gemini rules the lungs, arms, hands, and the nervous system. For releasing stress turn off the digital world and focus inward or just breathe.

Gemini: Your social life and pioneering spirit are emphasized this spring season as well as professional challenges and desired expansion. Relaxation, staying flexible and finding new ways to destress offer you opportunities to get closer to your goals. Highly charged energy benefit insights and synchronicities that are flowing in.

Spring Healing, Nurturing and Wellbeing:

Foods: (Aries) eggs, alfalfa sprouts, various sprouts, mung beans, fava beans, tabbouleh, arancini, lentils, merguez sausage, radishes, carrots, red leaf lettuce, red beets, red peppers (Tau) beef brisket, new potatoes, potato leek soup, black cod, baby lima beans, spring greens, arugula, baby peas, green goddess dressing, (Gem) tagine of chicken, sesame snap peas, endive, fiddlehead ferns, spanakopita, sweet and sour relish, pumpkins, butternut squash, oats.

Fruits: (Aries) tomatoes, peach, avocadoes (Tau) figs, pear, kiwi (Gem) lemons, oranges, tangerines, papaya.

Herbs: (Aries) garlic, cayenne pepper, sriracha, mustard, ginger, nettles (Tau) parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme (Gem) scallions, ramp, maca.

Flower essences: (Aries) arnica, impatiens, tiger lily, larkspur (Tau) chestnut bud, iris, hound’s tongue (Gem) white chestnut, cosmos, cerato.

Aromatherapy: (Ari) ginger, vetiver, black pepper (Tau) vanilla, palmarosa, thyme, marshmallow, belladonna (Gem) rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus.

Wellness: (Ari) walking meditation, martial arts, fiery crafts (Tau) aromatherapy massage, food-based body treatments, tone acupuncture (Gem) chair massage, manicures, talk therapy, pranayama.

Crystals: (Ari) iron, blood stone, red jasper, carnelian (Tau) copper, topaz, marcasite, peridot, pyrite, rose quartz (Gem) amber, cinnabar, emerald, jade, quicksilver in a glass, tigers’ eye.

Additional Signs:

Cancer: Get out and have some Fun! Do what you love to do and socialize with those you enjoy. When you go with the flow you may settle into a lazy groove but keep up with what’s important to move you forward.

Leo: Sunnier experiences and playful qualities are being rediscovered along with new aesthetics. Indulge yourself and enjoy the creative resurgence that is overflowing the innovative reservoir for you to tap into.

Virgo: Revisit long-ago concerns with a fact-finding approach to solve a problem from the past. Utilize your intuition when dealing with difficult people. For support write down an action plan to assimilate your goals.

Libra: Feeling playful will open up your social life so you can be with your favorite peeps. The dreaming phase you are in allows for manifesting a new reality. Take some time to compile your ideas in a journal.

Scorpio: Trust your intuition to lead the way towards something new. If things are not working revise and make a plan for a clearer perspective. When you need to focus get some needed rest to reenergize.

Sagittarius: An opportunity to reestablish boundaries presents itself, make haste and do it. To avoid starting over with projects you have been working on, remain objective and clarify what aspects need to be revitalized.

Capricorn: Find new ways to conquer the world by going outside of your comfort zone which allows you to capitalize on the opportunities that are available. Check your work and address the issues to move on.

Aquarius: Making changes help you get a breather easing the pressure you are under. Brainstorming and additional dialogue will open the doors for you. Be selective in moving forward with new prospects.

Pisces: To avoid stress escape thru sound or sonopuncture. As pleasures change to action explore the possibilities and jot your thoughts down to help sort things out. With the ideas you gain from imaginative sources you will have a chance to bring them into reality.

In Peace, Light, and Loving Gratitude,


P.S. For a Spring Refresh try a personal reading to reflect on your needs and action steps to take. Look on the services page on to book a natal reading, solar return or a report.


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