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Harvesting Balance

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Autumn Equinox Newsletter

This equinox window is a Gateway for transformation and can transition us from one state of being to another. Every journey comes to an end, and autumn is the bittersweet realization of this. The sun is sinking lower in the sky as summer ends. Our senses note that the days seem shorter, and we are beginning the Fall or Autumn Equinox on September 22 at 12:21 PM PDT. This is the third 0֩ cardinal point and denotes the balance of light and dark in the Northern hemisphere. It’s a meaningful time to honor the harvest of the plants grown in a garden or your own evolution, born of intentions set from the summer solstice. These changing seasons in the pathway of life can be a key to understanding a deeper message of our ancient earth connections as humans.

The native and Indigenous cultures around the world understood the four focal points of the year: The Summer – Winter Solstices, and the Spring – Fall Equinoxes, and used the earth-based wisdom gathered from the cycles of the seasons. They illuminated the stages of a personal journey into an awareness of deeper understanding and the personal connection of the cycles for spiritual insights from within.

Our busy lives don’t give us much time to pause, rebalance, and restore ourselves to refocus our energy. So, now is a good time to immerse yourself in the changes all around. Embrace yourself with the quiet in-between moments filled with peace, relaxation, and the anticipation of cooler days ahead and longer nights. When you make a pilgrimage among nature notice the color of the sky, the changing leaves, grass, textures, and intoxicating aromas and scents. This mindful connection of tuning into a season opens the possibilities for spirit to whisper and share the wisdom of being in harmony and balance with ourselves and to stay devoted to our happiness and peace of mind through the end of the year.

This fall season planetary guide begins its journey with the element of Air. The planets Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all in Libra, along with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and the north node in Gemini. Air is the element of the conscious mind and connects us to our world by breathing, communicating, and sharing ideas. We can become detached by being too much in our head and using logic and intellect more left brain and not connecting with our emotions from the right. The other planetary influences are a passionate Aries moon with Eris opposite Mercury squaring Pluto, exposing - pent up anger and resentment, uncomfortable truth telling, arguments, combativeness, and indecision. This can also be an unstable time in financial markets, bring up fear, and confrontations with others. These are a few themes we will be working with for the next three months. Finding balance is the key to a sense of well-being and opens up the field of possibilities. A good practice is to spend time outside with the wind, watching birds soar overhead or just breathe and Be open to the Present. Use this gateway as a springboard to accelerate our process of awakening and immerse ourselves with opportunities for spiritual growth.

The Fall Co-Stars ~ Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Libra, a Cardinal air sign represented by the scales; the symbol for balance, diplomacy, equality, fairness, justice, judgement and moderation. It is the only zodiac symbol that represents an inanimate object, neither human nor animal. Libra’s ruler Venus, or the goddess Aphrodite, embodies art, beauty, charm, harmony, love, pleasure-seeking, serenity, sensuality, and all forms of refinement. This signifies a very social sign whose prime focus is the integration of self with other and has faith in the power of one-to-one relationships, partnerships, marriage, social consciousness, and the force of attraction. Some pitfalls for Librans could be ~ co-dependency, being fickle, faithless, frivolous, narcissistic, procrastination, and vacillation. For blissful equilibrium see the healing, nurturing and wellbeing section.

Libra: The creative process brings your dreams into action and stimulates you artistically. Plans you have been working on with others blend together opposing views for innovative ideas. Cooperation and engaging in honest discussions ease any indecision. Participation in exercise and physical activities will dissipate and release built up energy and emotions. The benefits for your mind and body tip the scales towards inner peace, security and power.

The middle sign of this Fall quadrant is Scorpio, a fixed water sign, having deep focus, a sense of purpose and mystery. The symbol, a scorpion and has three levels of transformation. The first level is a powerful persistent arachnid whose stinger can be fatal, the second level represented by a snake, activating kundalini energy from the base of the spine opening the chakras to the upper levels, breaking the chains of attachment to the eagle/phoenix, symbolizing renewal/rebirth/resurrection. These natives are brave, courageous, dedicated, determined, emotional, imaginative, mystical, nurturing, persistent, psychic, and resourceful. Other aspects of Scorpio include legacies, inheritance and finding true happiness in sharing life-force with others. The Ruler of Scorpio is Pluto – ancient god of the underworld and has regenerative forces of life/death/rebirth. The intensity of this sign can also expose being unyielding, obstinate, manipulative, volatile emotions, secretiveness, and jealousy. For regeneration see the healing, nurturing and wellbeing section.

Scorpio: This season you reassess the shake-ups you have been experiencing this year with regard to establishing new relationships and relocating where you live. When you surrender to the challenges brought on by other people remember to go with the flow allowing creativity to manifest. Trust your internal dialogue and assert yourself towards venues that stream-line your ideas. Work behind-the-scenes for crucial timing of plans and focus your energy on the process versus the outcome and it will help you achieve your goals.

The transition from late fall into winter is the sun sign Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. Its symbol is the archer, implying freedom of movement and exploration. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, joyful, abundance, generous and an expansive quest for truth. A few archetypes of this sign are ambitious, adventurous, curious, energetic, humorous, imaginative, optimism, versatile, entertainer, storyteller, teacher and a seeker open to new ideas through the study of philosophy, higher learning, religion, travels both domestic and foreign. The Sag person does not like to get tied down with personal commitments, they love the chase and the strong desire for independence, constant change, capricious, may suffer from wanderlust, be restless, overextended, a gambler, and a con-artist. For knowledge in stabilizing the body see section below ~ healing, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Sagittarius: Dancing with your shadow helps you connect with people going through the same journey. Social interactions work well with others when you can collaborate and compromise while staying true to your values. Take some time for self-reflection, daydreams, and allow distractions for covering ideas that can come into reality. This will attract opportunities for breaking old habits and offer a more optimistic sustainable future.

Fall Healing, Nurturing and Wellbeing:

Foods: (Lib) beans; black, cannellini, kidney, white, navy or garbanzo, butternut squash, broccoli rabe, brussels sprouts, pumpkin, artichokes, scallops (Sco) cauliflower, potatoes, beets, dark chocolate, yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, (Sag) turkey, olives; kalamata, picholine, manzanilla, hazelnuts, quinoa, amaranth

Fruits: (Lib) apples, blackberries, marionberries, raspberries (Sco) cranberries, pomegranate, figs (Sag) clementines, persimmons, plums

Herbs: (Lib) Fenugreek, burdock, (Sco) aloe vera, flaxseed, black cohosh, rosemary (Sag) borage, milk thistle, sage

Flower essences: (Lib)monkeyflower, pretty face, scleranthus, scarlet (Sco) basil, chicory, mustard, holly (Sag) agrimony, angelica, sage, vervain

Aromatherapy: (Lib) Damask rose, rose geranium, peppermint, (Sco) ylang-ylang, basil (Sag) juniper, grapefruit, nutmeg

Wellness: sugar body polishing, lomilomi massage and facials, (Sco) Rolfing, mud treatments, colonics, (Sag) Thai massage, Pilates

Crystals: (Lib) agate, opal, pink tourmaline, sapphire (Sco) aquamarine, citrine, obsidian, topaz (Sag) amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise

Additional Signs:

Capricorn: Tend to your needs and find ways to keep grounded and relaxed. This will quiet the busy mind. Write down your ideas to help you focus on new opportunities. The past months due diligence and diplomacy move things forward rallying everyone on the same page. Your creativity brings you attention, recognition, and the joy of accomplishment.

Aquarius: Setting up structure and boundaries help you with the expansive and abundant energy bringing your thoughts to the forefront. Rest will help you process and disseminate your ideas so you can package the download of information to others. You are changed by what you are learning and are able to live out your philosophy better prepared for life’s fast pace ahead.

Pisces: The intuitive mind helps you navigate through obscure information and nourish your emotional body. Process planned conversations to fully understand what matters most. When you implement your new ideas into a clear course of action it will create the space you need to feel at home and inspire connections to other people moving you forward.

Aries: A network of care and joining with community disrupts your sense of self-reliance. Initiate a few learning opportunities this season such as; diplomacy, objectivity and redirection versus using force in getting what you want. Another productive path is the art of cooperation in social interactions. This will give you extra staying power and energy to complete projects.

Taurus: Self-becoming is a continuing theme in your relationships. Resolutions can be found if you search outside of your comfort zone. This detour can offer fresh perspectives to delegate some of the heavy lifting you have always done on your own. Being flexible with others helps you to keep things moving, empowers, and liberates you to release the old and find new pleasure in what you do.

Gemini: Pace yourself to stay on track and not race too far ahead. Perceptive thinking will help you look at unfinished projects and stabilize your workload. By staying present it will be easier to reorient yourself, stay balanced and reconnect with friends. The longer journey is for being consistent with regards to wellness and exploring self-interests without falling into the usual comfort zone.

Cancer: Reacquaint yourself more honestly with your creativity, mental and health regimens. Take notes and use this information as an opportunity to reflect. For harmonious relationships at home and work, communicate in creative, objective, and inventive ways. Everyone involved will feel better by building a strong nourishing foundation of trust and healing deep emotions.

Leo: Let go of stubborn tendencies with regards to those in your life. To help you flourish, identify the needs of how much freedom and support is necessary in your relationships. Express yourself creatively through workshops or classes and inspiration will follow. Your new reality is to figure out what needs your attention and commit to the hard work needed to reap the rewards.

Virgo: Evaluate how your past actions have affected your resources. To help things go your way take some time for self-care and process the necessities you need in areas that matter most. Focusing on information via books, internet or classes that support your ideas has the potential to bring them into reality. Perfection is hard to maintain but being able to surrender and stay present will help you in the moment and avoid burnout later.

In Peace, Love, and Gratitude,


P.S. By the way this is a perfect time for a personal reading to reflect on yourself and your needs. If you are interested check out the services page on this website to book a natal reading or report.

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٢ تعليقان

James Ambuehl
James Ambuehl
٠٤ أكتوبر ٢٠٢١

Wow, lots of good information! I should have read it the all on the day you sent it -on the equinox.

Robin Cochran😉


James Ambuehl
James Ambuehl
٠٤ أكتوبر ٢٠٢١

Thank you for providing the Autumn Equinox Newsletter.

I enjoyed reading Gemini; "By staying present it will be easier to reorient yourself, stay balanced and reconnect with friends."

Jim Doran😊

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