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Fall Equinox Newsletter

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Changes are in the air as we enter the magic of the Fall Equinox on September 22. There’s an open doorway available into the vast field of infinite possibilities. This transitional space denotes the balance of light and dark with the migrating patterns of birds setting southward over the time-honored harvesting of plants. In the cyclical nature of life, every season brings introspection for growth, resilience, and evolution. It offers pathways to understanding the deeper message of our ancient earth mother and the journey through time and space synchronistically steering us to a higher path.

The Fall’s bounty and abundance was essential for our distant ancestors who gathered and stored their food for the winter. The ancient wisdom was illuminated by the sky watchers who tracked the sun and the moon through the seasons for migration. Later they used man-made monuments or sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the great pyramid and Chichen Itza to mark agricultural timing for plowing, planting, and harvesting food. With the horn of plenty spilling forth early people were able to adapt, celebrate, perform rituals, and survive the journey from year to year.

A few rituals to celebrate this season:

· Walk with intention out in nature

· Be mindful through the power of the Breath

· Meditate

· Chant or sing

· Say gratitude prayers and set intentions

· Be aware of the changing colors of the flora and fauna

· Clear out stale air or clutter at home

The autumnal guide and general Libran themes for humanity swirls with unusual turbulence due to imbalances in our relationships, values, and the economy. With retrograde Mercury, communication, data, computers, and travel plans need more time for reflection, review, and revision. Plans for the future may need to be altered. Another aspect of the sun and mercury in Libra is the ability to manifest more harmony in the world by being less critical and judgmental. Honesty with words and actions are what’s important. A favorable aspect with Pluto gives us the inspiration and determination to follow our passions. Throughout the coming season, emotions may run high with life changes and transitions. When working with challenges align actions with beliefs to add purpose and meaning to life. Fall Highlights Feature ~ Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Equilibrium is the theme of Librans. We celebrate the beginning of autumn with a cardinal air sign, where the work of the harvest is communal, a coming together in one-to-one relationships, and partnerships.

Symbolized by the scales they can hold opposing views at the same time. The challenge and difficulty in taking sides, limits them from keeping all their options open.

In the fall months they lose sense of self in another. Venus, the ruler of this sign, emphasizing harmony, peace, serenity, and love, and doesn’t like to make waves. Problems come up when needs are not being met and escapism is not the solution. Diplomacy and negotiations for a middle ground is achieved with clear and honest communications. Focusing thoughts and exercising self-discipline is a pathway to inner balance.

After Libra is Scorpio, a fixed water sign symbolized by the scorpion, they initiate and search for emotional depths into the scared mysteries of the afterlife. There is a self-centered need to assert themselves with courage and determination.

Pluto this signs’ ruler brings up regeneration and insights for changing old patterns into imaginative advantages.

In the months ahead, they’re being tested within their support network which can be a double-edged sword. Freedom and desire versus partnerships’ values can bring on problematic dependencies and lingering debts. Staying true to passions break the taboos for patiently working through processes that hold you back. Once fall comes to a close there is prosperity and joy available, keep things in perspective to stay in the flow.

The final stage of plentitude is Sagittarius, the archer directing its arrow skyward, a mutable fire sign that explores the fruits of the mind, spiritual ripening and pleasures of the body.

Sag’s ruler Jupiter is jovial who expands all parameters and wants it all with energetic ambition and optimism seeing the big picture.

During the fall embrace communicating with collaborators as well as having intellectual repartee that supports adventurous progress. The seeker loves a challenge, taking charge and convincing others of their potential, shoring up support for upcoming ideas. Work with the fluctuating moving tides thru modifying needs with honesty. Forward momentum is achieved through higher learning and inspiration firing up expansive positivity towards the ideal.

Capricorn: One of your greatest rewards is getting things done while working hard. Eliminate demanding responsibilities to free up time to achieve your mission. The creative muse comes calling with support, therefore devote your passions towards plans. Security and self-worth are motivated by affection and comfort which is working for you now.

Aquarius: Slowing down the logical left brain allows intuition to emerge. The secret passages uncover important crossroads to explore while accommodating loved ones with respect, empathy and fairness. It reveals an inner connection that initiates deep healing and releasing. This can be life altering in your personal life with others.

Pisces: Mysterious forces launch imaginative new projects. Trust the creative inspiration that moves you along and embrace the allies who are in your sphere towards bringing plans into form. Stay true with your dream and not get caught in another’s vision. If you feel pressure, rely on your talents to generate the good fortune that awaits.

Aries: The energy shifts taking place flourishes with all forms of communication and dialogue exchanges. By mid-October explain intentions within committed relationships. Use diplomacy as a tactic in all interactions with others. Creative downloads need to be written down to ground the mind.

Taurus: Saying things out loud gives transparency within partnerships. A desire for support from coworkers is emphasized by the effort and hard work you’ve completed. Self-reliance will only get you so far, validation and assistance are the keys to building confidence. The added attention to what’s important brings relief and fulfills a sense of tranquility.

Gemini: The speed in which you are able to accomplish tasks and other ventures is extended throughout this season. Productivity is high but being uncompromising and feisty may upset those around you. Challenge yourself to be more patient when obstacles and bad timing arises. Let frustrations go and learn to adjust through this period for later gains.

Cancer: Trust instincts to guide preparations for a meaningful life you see on the horizon. Staying complacent doesn’t move things along, so choose allies who celebrate your abilities giving you motivation to jump the hurdles ahead. Use your expertise to lay the groundwork for completion in the next few years.

Leo: Understanding the opportunities available with their coexisting responsibilities may leave you feeling despondent. Associates can relieve some of the burden towards realizing this prospect. Make sure they are aligned with your goals before starting the venture. The path may be difficult, but the adventure brings wisdom to make the journey worth it.

Virgo: New professional challenges help you adapt and try a fresh approach to old routines. Directing efforts towards efficiency integrates the command you have over how things were done in the past. The confidence and self-discipline expand perspectives, creating successful ventures when working with resources at hand.

Autumn Healing, Nurturing and Wellbeing:

* The following are suggestions from the book Planetary Apothecary, by Stepanie Galing

Always consult with your physician or health-care provider beforehand. The author is not held responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of these suggestions. *

Herbs: fenugreek (lowers blood sugars), burdock (kidney health), mugwort (digestion and menstruation) milk thistle (antioxidant for the liver)

Flower essences: scleranthus (conflict resolution), scarlet monkeyflower (express hidden emotions), pretty face (exposes beauty within), chicory (selfless love), mustard (mood swings), basil (reintegrate creative desire), holly (opens heart chakra), agrimony (joyfulness), sage (understanding), vervain (energy balance), angelica (restoring faith)

Aromatherapy: damask rose (luxury, romance), rose geranium (toner), peppermint (concentration), ylang-ylang (aphrodisiac), basil oil (psychic vision and helps with menstrual flow), helichrysum (regenerative abilities), juniper (liver tonic), grapefruit (liver detoxifier), nutmeg (uplift and expansion)

Supporting Foods: aloe vera juice (regenerative), flaxseed (balance hormone levels), black cohosh (female health benefit), choline (benefits the liver), amla (immune system fortifier), berries (anti-inflammatory), beans (balance glucose levels), artichokes (aphrodisiac), olive oil (antioxidant), dark chocolate (aphrodisiac), cranberries (bladder antioxidant), fermented foods (healthy intestines), hazelnuts (health giving properties), quinoa (good source of protein)

Spa & Wellness: sugar body polishing, facials, Rolfing, mud treatments, colonics, Thai massage, Pilates, equine-assisted psychotherapy

Crystals: opal (clear insight), rose quartz (unconditional love), topaz (serenity of mind), obsidian (shield against negativity), turquoise (vision and serenity), jade (serenity and purity)

In Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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Equinox Newsletter copyright 2022 Shari Schopp. All Rights Reserved.

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