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Eye on Astrology

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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

When the moon called to me as a child

it opened a window into my soul. 

The silvery light extended from the heavens

to my being down on earth below.


Welcome to Eye on Astrology!

This journey of discovering the night sky, as a child, has never left me. With the study of celestial objects through astronomy and mythology, I navigated into Astrology. It is in this platform that I have found meaning beyond the physical form. 

My goal as an astrology counselor, is to be a guide in the spiritual landscape of symbols and archetypes which can be interpreted from the birth chart, and it is through this information, clients can make informed choices for clarity, healing, growth, and self-discovery.  

My astrological studies and MA in Transpersonal Theories and Practices have assisted me in astrology counseling. The training I received, was an in-depth study of wholistic views of the body-mind-spirit connections, the development of intuitive consciousness and how to apply that knowledge into a reading of a birth chart. 

On this site you will find basic astrological information, descriptions of readings, reports, classes, blogs, testimonials from clients, and more.

Tel: 707-799-9072


Shari's skilled and sensitive guidance through my natal reading (a first time for me!) was really interesting. I am big on personal development and I am open to new information and ways of looking at the world and at my life. Shari left me feeling hopeful and curious for what comes next in my life.

Kathy McAfee,  Greenville SC

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