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Winter Solstice Newsletter

Winter Solstice magic converges at a still point of dark, introspective power and is one of the longest nights of a nocturnal journey. On midwinter’s day there is an ending of one phase and the beginning of another. For the next three months we experience receding darkness and colder temperatures.

The winter season starts with a bang of eating, drinking, good cheer, companionship and giving. Similarly, people all over the world celebrate a time of renewal, hunkering down or a time of doing minimal work.

In ancient traditions the Saturnalia festival was an orgiastic carnival held as a liberating antidote to obeying the rules while casting off constraints of society which in-turn became a release for citizens to function better. Other spiritual traditions in Nature Mysticism used this time for gathering indoors with kinfolk burning yule logs, decorating with holly and mistletoe, feasting, telling stories of the rebirth of the sunlight that has left the world returning to longer days ahead.

After the post-holiday buzz, we get down to business taking firm steps for inner growth, meditation, dreaming, and setting intentions. It’s a time to learn from experiences of the past, as well as trusting the wisdom gained and acknowledging what works for upcoming plans.

The journey of 2023 starts off with the dawning of a new stage or a quantum shift for mankind not experienced since 1798. We are the vision bearers on a pathway to an awakening, both collectively and individually. Pluto transiting into Aquarius until 2043 brings greater emphasis to the perceptions of our reality, purging dysfunction, liberating our limitations, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, and transformation of humanity. Neptune is still in Pisces until 2025, harnessing powers of creativity, intuition, empathy and spirituality. Saturn in Aquarius actively engages us in getting things right or enhances our rational original thoughts and expressing uniqueness. Then it shifts into Pisces late March bringing our dreams to life thru creative hard work and sacrifice. Jupiter is no longer in a hard aspect to Saturn and reenters Aries, bringing in magic, original ideas that influence group thought, spring boarding new endeavors and expanding active social engagements with others. Mars retrograde in Gemini reinforces the vision quest we have been on since Hallows eve and is opening portals between the worlds. Deliberate and align with the intuitive mind for taking action that will be synchronistically timed.

Winter Co-Stars ~ Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces ~Emphasizing the collective

Winter Solstice begins with Capricorn, an earth sign known for getting things started, being patient, responsible, and well organized. This year the emphasis is on the foundations rebuilt from last year’s powerful answers for a new vision. Cap’s symbol is the goat, which melds both passion and energy that can be used for inspiration to engender breakthroughs and inventions. Cardinal energy brings leadership qualities that assist endeavors and sees the big picture for success. Saturn the ruler of this sign, may generate fear or limitations especially with finances this year. It’s best to make use of what you already have and not overspend. The go to for staying grounded is outside in nature, it’s the tonic that keeps you steady and filled with joy.

The earthy goat makes way for the Aquarian waterbearer, a visionary who gathers wisdom and clarity of insight, dispensing it freely and equally to all. Collaborating with others and sharing your talents brings out innovative qualities with new opportunities this year. Aquarians are known for being independent and detached (a trait of air signs). At this time do not let negative criticism keep you from being your authentic expressive self. Utilize this ruler Uranian qualities to create and progressively trailblaze advancements. Experiment with rituals and be open to change by hiring people with managing the mundane. The mission is to enable new altered states of consciousness. To stay connected sing, dance and move your body for expanded awareness.

The next emergent into the collective depths is in the sign of Pisces, the womb of which the rest of the zodiac is born. A sensitive, compassionate selfless server flow thru this mutable water sign of the fishes. As an intuitive these natives pick up on diverse messages, creative inspiration and trends. This year they need to listen, observe, share and express their truth at the appropriate time for the world is waiting to hear them. Neptune the ruler of Pisces is illusory, mysterious, imaginative and highlights the potential to create something beautiful. The practical applications are available now for you to explore. For maintaining commitment and nourishing the soul, work with faithful allies who believe in you to help make the impossible possible.

Aries: Diving into radical experiences this year fulfills the risk-taking adventurer and promotes your uniqueness. When in leadership roles find positive reinforcements who align with your philosophy. New information will be revealed from your involvement with others.

Taurus: Acknowledgement of your deepest truths brings new freedom to your spiritual life this year. This process brings to the forefront what you offer to the world. Write down your dreams and visions, trust your gut and share these qualities and talents with those who support you.

Gemini: Practical planning this year can turn your thoughts into applicable ideas. This strategy helps with networking and connecting with people in groups that will prove beneficial. Having empathy for others brings into fruition shared dreams and transcends the ideal.

Cancer: This year your career is highlighted with prosperous possibilities and opportunities. The energy output towards reaching goals can overwhelm personal health and wellness. Remember to take things slow, focus and evolve at a steady pace to achieve the objectives successfully.

Leo: Explore the arts and other embellished aesthetics for shaping this next year. Let go of what no longer is working to make room for new things, people and opportunities. It helps to have a clear sense of what you want for thriving in 2023’s transcendent realm.

Virgo: This year is a period for growth and authentic joy. There is still work to complete in ongoing or unfinished projects. Incorporate small changes to make the necessary adjustments. Trust in your capabilities and knowledge to push past fears to discover uncharted territory.

Libra: Relationships are the key to this year and a continuation from 2022. Socializing helps you to connect with people on one-to-one and in groups. For personal satisfaction don’t overdo commitments. When space is needed empathize with others to improve the situation.

Scorpio: Acceptance is your mantra this year. Accept where you are right now and stop over analyzing everything. To avoid mental loops, write a list of tasks, and complete them. Another exercise is to focus on fitness and a structured routine serves as an ally for well-being.

Sagittarius: Reinvent your style this year by creating a new you. Pioneering in new territories and physical endeavors requires support, collaboration, and resources. A wholistic approach would do the body good with wellness treatments, healthy eating, therapy, and relaxation.

Winter ~ Fire of Life’s healing, nurturing and wellbeing

Herbs: Turmeric (anti-inflammatory), Siberian ginseng (increase mental focus, and clams the nerves), butchers’ broom (aids lower leg circulation) reishi mushrooms (bolsters immune system) homeopathic phosphorus (sets boundaries)

Flower essences: Mimulus (strengthens courage and confidence), vine (empowerment), oak (stress reliever), California wild rose (releases apathy), dill (supports the nervous system), quaking grass (harmony in groups), nicotiana (supports emotional waves), aspen (calms the mind), pink yarrow (gain objectivity and lifts depression)

Aromatherapy: Cypress (calmness), frankincense (eases rheumatic pain), scotch pine (kills fungus), patchouli (aphrodisiac and circulation), sweet marjoram (destress, calming), benzoin (calms muscle spasms) sandalwood (quells nervous tension, aphrodisiac) myrrh (heals wounds) tea tree oil (antibacterial, inspires optimism)

Wellness: Drink plenty of water and goat milk, Swedish massage, body-moisturizing treatments, acupuncture, reiki, hypnotherapy, reflexology, watsu

Crystals: Ruby (improved energy and concentration), autunite (stimulates imagination) apatite (spiritual attunement) garnet (symbol of love, clears out negative energy), halite (enhances good will) amethyst (balance emotions, relieves headaches), jasper (protection, endurance, and physical strength) aquamarine (happiness and hope)

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year!

In Love, Peace, and Gratitude,


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Solstice Newsletter copyright 2022 Shari Schopp. All Rights Reserved.

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