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Spring Equinox Newsletter

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We move from the Alpha (Pisces) to the Omega (Aries) transitioning us from winter to spring. The still point between these two are magical and known as “The Great Void” or “Womb of Creation”. This cosmos of life’s renewable energy is fertilized and invigorated for conception to begin again. It’s an abundance of potential for rebirth, optimism, courage and innovations.

The cardinal point of 0° Aries starts the zodiacal new year. It generates a forward motion which impetuously motivates exploration and a warrior call to action. This momentum transforms and resets the earths balance of day and night, dark and light equal in length on March 20th. Now is the time for germinating and planting the seeds of imagination, initiating new projects.

Aries fire ignites creative and sacred possibilities that are reached by following the moon, stars and the changing of seasons. This custom was observed by our early descendants from ancient cultures found in temple drawings showing the tilting axis of the earth within the seasons of spiral structures moving up and outward. It was believed that high priests inside these temples were able to travel at seasonal changes through the star systems and be multidimensional. Scientists acknowledge that electromagnetic energy flows more strongly during solstices, equinoxes new, full moons and eclipses. Since we are material and vibrational bodies the spirals of the seasons assist us with our equilibrium, health, and wellbeing.

Align with the green fire of the emergent spring to set forth on a new adventure with nature. The timing of earth is thawing and thrusting itself forward. For mental clarity perform rituals of spring cleaning, throw off sluggishness and detox livers, for reawakening desire. Breathe in and observe the smell of new grass, budding flowers or the sprouting leaves on trees. Start an herb garden, arrange flowers, and cultivate house plants to make a positive impact at home and indoor work spaces. Derive pleasure from aromatherapy oils, incense or smudge sticks which increases focus and plants the seeds for future visions.

The planetary forecast for the spring season begins with a New Moon in Aries on the heels of the equinox. It’s an opportunity to experience reality by making the world anew again, reinvention is at hand for taking risks and being self-assertive. Evolution is also a theme, with transiting Pluto entering Aquarius guiding us with reverent ingenuity, technological breakthroughs and transformation of society through returning power to the people. Saturn’s recent transition into Pisces, capitalizes our ideals in tangible ways, invests in our faith, and strengthens our spiritual values. Timing is important as well as being in the flow. Navigate the next three months as a journey back to magic.

The Spring Co-Stars ~ Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Aries – Takes the lead in the spring quadrant fresh from the Sun and the moon in this fire sign. It’s initiation time for growth and making a fresh start beckoning new frontiers. The gestation period may take time for things to really get going but your ruler Mars in Cancer, will help with intuition, following your own instincts and dreams. A necessary plan for the next few months is to prioritize the necessities and cocoon in safety to avoid conflicts and shifting moods. If there are tensions due to being head strong use it as motivation to make changes.

Taurus – There is vital extra energy at your disposal now, take advantage of it to help you move out of your comfort zone. Resistance to ongoing change is pointless. Patience and intuition assist with moving beyond habits that are holding you back. The art of efficiency and therapeutic remedies utilizes time saving methods, alleviating stress and offers serenity, relaxation, and a sense of equilibrium. Value all the beauty that spring has to offer and creative endeavors that make you shine.

Gemini – Being a conduit supports attracting individuals who stimulate your thoughts. The messages you divulge have meaning that connect with others in new ways. The focused information that is received supports strategies, inventions and sets the stage to make things happen. Curiosity and imagination are tools that Mercury employs which generates the necessary space for creating. Going inward replenishes the mind, destresses the body, calms the nerves and keeps you present in the moment.

Cancer – Mars in Cancer gives you extra energy and the world is taking notice. It is an opportune time to shift this vitality towards productive goals with alliances who have your back. If the world feels chaotic immerse yourself in natural settings outside and/or near water to nurture the body and soothe the soul.

Leo – There is excitement in the air about the future. As a fixed sign it’s important to let go of things and limiting ideas to make room for new prospects. When in doubt of where to start, go inward for direction for guidance. Sunshine is vital for sparking your inner light and revitalizing enthusiasm.

Virgo – Impulsiveness is driven by transformative passion. It is time for planning and adjusting the small changes needed to improve different outcomes for what you have been working on. To avoid exhaustion diligently focus on health and wellbeing and readjust as needed for personal care.

Libra – Redirect your energy away from relationships that consume and deplete you. Communicate with close allies to give perspective and insights. Space is needed for assessing dynamics to let go of the ones that aren't uplifting. Refresh your wellness journey in activities that are luxurious and pleasurable with a friend.

Scorpio – Pay attention to people who support and encourage you. Understanding another’s point of view helps you realize a different perspective. To move a situation forward be aware of how your mind and emotions play an important role in physical wellbeing, and get plenty of rest for self-healing.

Sagittarius – Being objective reinforces an assessment of a situation. Proceed as needed for completion or if necessary, shift directions to avoid misunderstandings. When in doubt find allies who are honest and offer possible solutions in what you are undertaking. These checks and balances get you back into the groove.

Capricorn – Perseverance benefits the changes you need to make. The rigid framework that has served in the past holds you back. A strategic approach is to learn from it and apply the lessons for attaining future goals. Utilize the network of friends and family so you are not doing this alone.

Aquarius – Being available improves a situation and lessens complications. Renovations expand the domestic environment which helps you shift your focus. Spending time with those you respect opens up a new outlook that recharges and sustains your energetic stability.

Pisces – The ability to set goals and be productive is very strong now. For overall wellbeing

practice mind-centering activities to restore balance. Adjust as you go and have faith that the dream you envision can be brought into reality. Inspirational insights help you blossom and fulfill a creative endeavor in writing and speaking.

Spring Healing, Nurturing and Wellness:

Herbs: Tarragon, rosemary, chives, thyme, basil, parsley, mint, dill

Flower essences: Geranium, sandalwood, neroli

Aromatherapy: Ginger, vanilla, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus

Wellness: Walking meditation, martial arts, smudging, plant a tree, dance, yoga, talk therapy

Crystals: Aventurine, chrysocolla, chalcedony

In Loving Gratitude and Joyful Blessings,


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